Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thumb Suckers: Beware

I have been desperately trying for months to get my 4 year old to stop sucking her thumb. We've tried just about every strategy to get her to stop - pleading, bribery, bandages - without success. I think it has become such a habit that she's not even aware that she does it.

I had an epiphany today.

A thumb straight jacket.

Genius. So simple & easy. I literally picked up a piece of fabric from my scrap basket and cut and fitted and sewed and cut and fitted and it was done in about 15 minutes.

And she's actually excited to wear it.

The last suck.

Cool new "bracelet" aka thumb straight jacket.


  1. That is about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! I sucked my thumb till I was 10, so I can appreciate it!

  2. LOVE. IT. That is such a great idea. Thankfully I don't have a thumb sucker (yet) but if I ever do, I think I'd have to do this idea too!
    Thanks for your comment on my couch. I'd love to see yours! Aren't RED couches so much fun?!

  3. Oh please please post a tutorial on how you constructed this!?!?! :)

  4. As an adult, I'd have a hard time explaining it.