Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Primary Class Chair Covers

I've recently been serving at my church over the children's Sunday school or Primary, as we call it. To help the kids find their class easily, I was asked to make a chair cover for each class. I've been scouring the Internet for ideas, but couldn't find any really cute ones. Most involved bad felt and hot glue. So, I came up with these.

I used the colors Red, Yellow & Blue with prints in spots & stripes. Kinda loud, I know, but perfect for kids! It adds some visual punch to an otherwise pretty drab room.

I simply measured the chair backs and made a little pillowcase to slip over the back. The letters & numbers were cut using my Cricut, which cut down on my hand cutting time dramatically. I had been told that Cricut's could cut fabric, but I had never tried. It took a little adjusting, but if finally worked and saved me time cutting each piece individually.

I used the Cricut cartridge "Storybook" as well as no sew interfacing. This made it so I could just iron on the letters & numbers without having to applique each one individually. I'm thinking of making a matching bunting next.

*Cricut Tip* Iron on your "no sew" interfacing to a piece of fabric the same sizes as your cutting mat (either 6X12 or 12X12). Make sure your cutting mat is nice and sticky (new). Place your fabric/interfacing piece paper side down to the cutting mat. Set your needle pressure to "max" and speed to "med" or "fast". Adjust as needed.


  1. Hi, do you sell these on your Etsy page? I didn't see them... Would you consider making some?


  2. Very nice!! I am looking for inspiration too for my Ward. I am the secretary and need ideas.

  3. I am not a sewer and would also like to buy these do you sell them?

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