Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weather Wizard

This idea came from a super cool Elementary School teacher - a Weather Wizard Cape!

I love getting custom orders that are really unique ideas - something I've never seen before.

These capes will be worn by little Kindergartners during Calendar/Circle time. Children take turns identifying the weather for the day by putting on one of these capes and becoming the "Weather Wizard" - cool huh!?!

Maybe I'll have to make one for my Kindergartner's class now!

Here are some tips to recreate this cape:
I used my Cricut to make a template for the star shape and the "W" in George Basic Shapes size 5 1/2".
I made a circle template for the yellow, using a bowl. For the Cloud, I just drew a cloud shape that matched the clouds on the fabric and stitched around it to mimic the swirls.
"Sewable Fusing" was used before stitching around the shapes.

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