Saturday, January 9, 2010


Am I the only person in the world who didn't know what this Acronym stands for? Did I miss the memo or something? I would occasionally see this descpiption listed with items for sale on Etsy and wonder, "what the...? Did they misspell Oak? I know this thing isn't made of any type of wood!"

I looked it up. Now I know. Don't you want to know? You're going to look it up right now, aren't you?

Well, here are things that fit the descpription OOAK:

A custom Boutique Skirt Chef Set with the name - "Eloise"

This is the set requested by the Cut Sew Repeat Chef Set Winner, Rachel! Her boys are going to look so cool cooking in these!

40 Fabric Flower Brooches for a woman in Denmark for her wedding in Australia!

Wouldn't you love to get these as a wedding favor instead of some random trinket with the bride and groom's initials on it?

Okay, I give it up. It means "One Of A Kind". You learn something new everyday!


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  2. You have enlightened me! I would've wondered if that was oak spelled badly myself. That's so funny that you say you cringe cutting into fabric. I share your fabric love. I don't think I cringe, but I might take a deep breath. I often spend a long time thinking about the ins and outs of how I'm going to do a project before I delve into it. Probably a much longer time than a normal person would. :)