Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Support Hoes...DIY Easy Baby Legwarmers Tutorial

I remember my mom rockin' these 80's legwarmers to Jazzercise class. Legwarmers are back in fashion, but I'm not sure if I could rock them like Olivia here.

But...I'd definitley put them on my kids. Here's a super easy tutorial for making your own Baby Legwarmers.

Sewing Machine
Women's Trouser Socks
Coordinating/or not thread
20 minutes or less

I got these in a pack of 3 at Target for like $8.

Step 1:

Make 3 cuts in your socks. Just eyeball it. No need to measure. You can cut both socks at the same time.

Discard the toe & heel pieces.

Step 2:

Fold the short middle secion in half (wrong sides together) with a raw edge and a folded edge making a cuff.

Slip this cuff on to the cut end of your long trouser sock. All of the raw edges should be together at the bottom as seen in this photo. All fabrics will be right side out.

Step 3:

Sew all of the raw edges together using a straight stitch. Just flatten the rolled edge as you sew but try not to stretch the sock. If you have a serger, you can use it for the edge for a more finished/professional look.

And that's it! Here's the finished product.

As baby support hoes...

Or for bigger kids to lengthen short sleeves for cooler weather...

Enjoy & Happy sewing!


  1. This makes me wish I had a girl just to sew for!! LOVING how adorable Layla looks in her hat!

  2. Nicole- You can do these for boys too! Just get men's trouser socks instead of womens. They're perfect for crawling babies little knees or for longer sleeves for boys. I love the hat too - thanks for the trade!

  3. I so want to try this. I love them! Thanks for sharing! PS I'm so glad you are in our ward now!

  4. Great tutorial!

  5. Super Cute Blog!


  6. I made some of these using your tutorial. They turned out super cute. I plan on sharing them on my blog this week with a shout out to you :) Stop by sometime! I also have a fashion linky party you can link these up's called DIY Diva Thursdays and we party every Th-M :)


  7. Great tutorial & ideas. Gotta try this.

  8. What size would these be? I was hoping to make some to use on my newborn/0-3 month old this winter instead of leggings while at home. Any advice on sizing? Thank you for your time and tutorial!!