Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm wishing...I'm wishing...

for the one I love...To find find (Snow White was really singing about these little beauties.)

My birthday is coming in a few weeks. Being the extremely practical person that I am, I usually end up choosing something that I need instead of something that I love. Last year, I believe, it was a new iron and ironing board. I know, how romantic, right?!

I'm thinkin' I'd like something different this year. Something that doesn't require manual labor. Something pretty...

I'm not a jewelry person. (gasp! I know...I usually forget to put my wedding ring on) But, I'm in love with this. So cute.

from bbel on etsy

or this little oxymoron made of burlap and lace by AlicesLookingGlass unexpected and unique.

or an artful inspiration by letteredwords

or this feminine tunic with vinage lace by couvert

awww. so pretty. There's always wishing.


  1. I'm loving your birthday list!! Which one do you want from me?? or something else, let me know. -Jess

  2. hmmm...How about a new blender ;)