Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Babies!

Here is another bedding set for this adorable girl's soon to be baby boy Cash! He shold be arriving any day now!

She chose fabrics from Heather Bailey's gorgeous new line: Nicey Jane. The colors are so vibrant and the cotton is a great quality. One of my favorite collections right now.

I was really pleased with how the corners turned out. I've never been that great at getting corners super square, but I think I've finally figured it out - thanks to my quiltmaster-of-an-aunt showing me over and over again!

Fabrics from Nicey Jane:
Lindy Leaf in Blue
Hop Dot in Sky
Welcome Road in Lemongrass
Dream Dot in Splash
and I used a cream chenille to add a solid balance and some soft texture

The quilt pattern is very simple to show off the lovely fabrics and the bumper is 4 pieces to allow for easy washing.

Good luck to all of the new mommies! Enjoy snuggling those little ones!

See it here too!


  1. im loving how the quilt turned out! Might get me inspired to sew something..hehe

  2. Thanks! Well, you have that machine sittin there staring at you...get stitchin!

  3. Thank you again!! I love it so much! I have to post pictures of the nursery soon so you can see! :)

  4. I am sooooo drooling over these fabrics. The squares come out perfect!