Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Handmade Day #2 - Gifts for Friends

Here are my top 10 friends gifts. You know you're giving a good gift when it's something you'd love for yourself. By the way... I'd love to receive any of these little beauties (hint, hint;)

Business Card Holder
Buttercup Bag
Car CD Holder
Felt Circle Pillow
Homemade Body Salts and Cocoa
Monogrammed Candle
No Sew Jersey Scarf
Ruffle Headband
Shabby Flower Pins
Vintage Earrings

Tomorrow Handmade Day #3 - Gifts for Mom or the Special Lady in your life.

1 comment:

  1. since I didn't see an e-mail address...

    I'm throwing a big birthday party for my son's first birthday and was offering prizes for games. I love your chef sets and crayon rolls!I was wondering if you'd be able to trade any of these items for items I have on my site. www.myscrappygifts.blogspot.com
    If you weren't interested in trading, would you be willing to donate any small item or a gift certificate for publicity?
    Thanks so much!

    scrappydiva2129 at yahoo dot com